sábado, 1 de julho de 2017

Hard Days ...... Grind or train?

The process of developing the sales professional is increasingly extreme. Passing by several companies in my work as a consultant and listener, but listener because in many instances it is asking us to do. In the search for the needs of customers we see that companies are not ready to DEVELOP but to grind meat till something left over in the commercial area. I will explain these two concepts. First we have a slew of future professionals in the market waiting for the chance to meet a true leader, so they can learn to be someone exceptional in their work and consider this person for at least a mentor even if it takes at least two decades. (Time needed to discover that we are not born but we are well developed by great mentors and we give the plunge for this view) According companies do mass hiring supported the concept that in large quantities the possibility of finding someone exceptional is more likely. Grind meat was the concept of a great mentor of mine who at times thought in large quantities only lost time teaching ducks to climb trees while the squirrels were getting lost in the forest. First and need to identify our real needs analyzing our internal and external environment ie, you can get someone exceptional in our market? Or you can train someone to become an exceptional professional? For either of these alternatives be carried forward one must know that in the first case, we must have time available, to encourage large-capacity, efficient organization and management accurate and true to the company's strategy, ability to innovate in IT and very clear indicators . In the second case we need large capacity to deal with the frustration of teaching, great ability to innovate in IT so easy and simple, motivate quickly and easily, have a shared strategy and goals very clear with the strategy of the company whether small medium or large. I think the points between the two possibilities mentioned for the two most difficult are: Clear indicators and faithful and deal with the frustration of the teacher who is teaching and then for a reason that is often not "clear" the person goes away.